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IntelliTect Showcasing one of our own!

If you are wondering what type of engineers IntelliTect has on staff only the best!  Kevin Bost one of our Senior Software Engineers helped a friend out recently, check out what he did for enjoyment!

“Just for fun, a friend of mine wanted a WPF multi-value converter where you could specify a dynamic expression such as “!({0} && {1}) || {2}”. Sounded like fun so I built it.”

Check Out the May Issue of MSDN Magazine Featuring Mark Michaelis

Michael Desmond a popular blogger for MSDN Magazine is giving a shout out to Mark Michaelis for his lead feature in this month’s issue of MSDN:

“Be sure to check out the May issue of MSDN Magazine, which spotlights some of the powerful new capabilities highlighted at the Microsoft Build Conference last month. Our lead feature, by Mark Michaelis, explores the new features and capabilities coming in the next version of the C# programming language (C# vNext, expected to be called C# 6.0 upon release).

As Michaelis points out in his feature, C# 6.0 won’t [...]

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Leadership Without Authority – Tuesday, Sept. 17 at Red Lion River Inn

On Tuesday, Sept. 17 Mark will be presenting to the PMI Inland Northwest Chapter:

Are you in charge of the project without any authority to make stuff happen? Are you tasked with turning a project around but in reality the only thing different from the last project manager is… you (and the additional time in which the project degraded further). Are you responsible for insufferable developer/contractors/IT personnel who see you as little more than an administrator?

Don’t miss this Mark Michaelis style “talk” in which he discusses the all too common problem of being a leader without authority.


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